Abhiram looked no completely different from a standard

normal man. maybe that was why Mriganko manmight realize the bravery to talk. ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘It was your shirt that stroke a chord in my memory of you. Didn’t I purchase you that shirt?’
‘Yes, that’s right. you probably did a great deal on behalf of me, Babu. however why did it all ought to finish thusbadly?
I was dead innocent. Why didn’t you think me?’
Mriganko man recalled what had happened, 3 years agone. Abhiram had worked for his family for twenty years. everybody sure him. However, at some point he gave the impression to have lost his head. He scarf the watch Mriganko man had been given as a marriage gift. Abhiram denied the charge, of course, however he had had each the timej and also the chance to get rid of the article. Besides, once Mriganko Babu’s father referred to asthe native wizard United Nations agency solid a spell and created a standard wicker receptacle rotate till it stopped, inform at Abhiram, there might presumably be little question concerning his guilt. Abhiram lost his job.
witch doctor—a person in bound societies United Nations agency will cure ailments mistreatment ancient magic and herbs; United Nations agency casts spells, provides charms etc
wicker—made of rushes (grasses growing close to rivers and streams) or skinny items of wood plain-wovenalong
‘Do you recognize what happened to ME once I left?’ he currently asked. ‘I ne’er workei anyplace else. I couldn’t, as a result of I fell sick. I got hydrops, and it became serious. however I hat no cash to travel to a doctor, or purchase medicines, or maybe eat properly. I ne’er recovered My son unbroken this shirt. He wore it for a fewtime, then it got tom. thus it became one thing a image might wear. and that i became that image. does onegrasp why? as a result of I knew that at some point i’d meet you once more. My heart longed – affirmative, even a dead man will have a heart – to inform you what I learnt once death.’
‘What did you learn, Abhiram?’
‘When you get back tonight, look beneath your wardrobe. That’s wherever you’ll realize your watch, pushed to the rear. it’s been lying there for the last 3 years. Your new servant doesn’t sweep each comer, thus he failed torealize it. once you latch on you’ll grasp that Abhiram wasn’t a crook.’
The figure of Abhiram became hazy. it absolutely was already quite dark. Mriganko man detected his voice once more: ‘Now I even have found peace. once such a lot of years, ultimately I even have been able to tell you the reality. Oh, it’s such a relief! … Goodbye, Babu. I must go.’
Abhiram disappeared before Mriganko Babu’s eyes.
‘I’ve brought the fuel, sir!’
The sound of Sudheer’s voice woke Mriganko man up. He had fallen asleep within the automobile, thinking of an acceptable plot for a story. In his hand he still command his pen. As presently as he opened his eyes, he glanced quickly at the image. it absolutely was still standing within the distance, specifically as he had seen it before.
On reaching home, Mriganko man went straight to his space and searched beneath his wardrobe. He had no problem find his watch. He determined that if one thing ever got lost from his house, from currently on, he would ne’er request a witch doctor’s facilitate.
Satyajit Ray (May a pair of,1921-April twenty three,1992) – He was bom in urban center into associate degreeexceptionally proficient family United Nations agency were outstanding in Bengali arts and letters. oncegraduating from Presidency school, Calcutta, in 1940, he studied art at Rabindranath Tagore’s University in Shantiniketan, state. He took up business advertising and additionally designed covers and illustrated books brought out by seal Press. Ray was a prolific story author, with over a dozen volumes to his credit. He contributed frequently to the children’s journal Sandesh, that he additionally emended. The exploits of his imaginary creature Feluda, initial introduced in an exceedingly series of detective stories, were avidly followed by the general public, and also the abundant beloved
dropsy—a generalised swelling of body resulting in death
40 Chinar II
Feluda was latef featured in an exceedingly few his movies. A prolific producer, throughout his time period Ray directed thirty six films, comprising of options, documentaries and short stories. In March 1992, a month before his death, Ray was awarded the laurels for time period accomplishment by the Academy of film Arts and Sciences. within the same year, Ray was alsj honored with the Bharat Ratna by Indian government.
Answer the subsequent queries.
1 Who was Mriganko Babu? Why did he move to Durgapur?
2 What happened to him on his manner back to Calcutta?
3 The author says concerning Mriganko man, ‘He wasn’t one to believe superstitions, and! definitely ne’erconsulted the almanac before motion anyplace.’ what’s his tone? (Tick the proper answer.)
□ serious
□ mocking
□ approving
□ critical
Give reasons for your answer.
4 Mriganko tried doing various things to hang around whereas awaiting his driver. What did he finally commit todo?
5 What attracted Mriganko man to the scarecrow?
6 What changes did Mriganko man notice within the scarecrow?
7 Who was Abhiram? Why had he lost his job in Mriganko Babu’s house?
8 ‘Now I even have found peace.’ however did Abhiram realize peace?
9 Abhiram is nothing however the merchandise of Mriganko Babu’s imagination. does one accept as true withthis statement? Why/Why not?
10 Complete the subsequent table with words from the box below for example Mriganko Babu’s character. additionally realize proof from the story to support your answer, as shown within the example below.
rational superstitious prejudiced dull
imaginative narrow-minded patient tolerant
good-natured creative boring
Evidence from story
■ He failed to typically seize with teeth his driver or servants.

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Easy Ways to Edit Photos to Join the Age Challenge on Instagram
Don’t Want to Be Interrupted? Try this powerful way to temporarily disable WhatsApp!
How to Transfer GO-PAY Balance to Friends or Other Users
How to Change Facebook Account Names Via Desktop and Cellular Applications
How to Save Videos from Instagram to the Smartphone Gallery
How to Open and Extract RAR Files on an Android Smartphone
Tokopedia Launches Add Exchange Feature, Here’s How to Use It!
How to use Lottery Coupons on Tokopedia
How to Create a LINE Account Link To Be Installed on Other Social Media Accounts
How to Lock a 4G Network to a Xiaomi Device, So the Connection is More Stable
Easy Ways to Check iPhone Battery Health, To Know When to Replace Batteries
How to Block YouTube Adult Content on Various Devices
Android Smartphone or iPhone Lost? Here’s How To Track It!
How to Transfer OVO Balance to Friends Easily
Effective Ways to Get Rid of Shortcut Viruses on Flash Disk and Computers
It Can Be Try, Here’s How To Activate Dark Mode on WhatsApp
How to pay PayLater OVO Bill?
Easy Ways to Take Screenshots on a Vivo S1 Device
How to Change Wallpaper on a Windows 10 Laptop
Safer, Here’s How to See Instagram Visits Without Applications!
2 Ways You Can Do Samsung Galaxy A70 Screenshot
How to Activate and Use USB OTG on Xiaomi
2 Ways You Can Do Samsung Galaxy A80 Screenshot
How to Search with Images on Google
Make Sangar, Here’s the Black Shark Theme that Can Be Installed on Xiaomi Devices!
3 Ways to Check the IMEI Number of Your Own HP Realm
Illegal or Unregistered Cellphone? Do I Need to Register IMEI to the Ministry of Industry?
How to Lock a Network to 4G Only on OPPO Mobile for More Stable Signals
How to get rid of annoying notifications on Google Chrome Desktop and Android
3 Ways to Check IMEI from Your Samsung Cellphone
2 Ways to Screenshot Vivo Y12 You Can Do Easily
Official cellphone, but why isn’t the IMEI unregistered? This is the cause!
How to delete application data on an Android smartphone
2 Easy and Fast OPPO A1k Screenshot
How to Reinstall an ASUS Laptop Using Windows 10
Bothered? Here’s How to Report a Cellphone Number That Commits Fraud
How to hide photos on OPPO cell so others can not see
Too much? This is how to remove stickers on WhatsApp service
How to Get Rid of Samsung Pay Widgets from the Home Screen
SD Card Not Read on Vivo Smartphone? Here’s what to do!
How To Install iOS Themes Or Third-Party Themes To Be Permanent On OPPO Smartphones
How to see internet data usage on your HP Vivo
2 Ways to Check Xiaomi Mobile Types Easily
How to Display Shot On Labels on OPPO Smartphones
How to Hide Stories on WhatsApp Services for You Who Don’t Want to Be Disturbed
This is a More Simple Way to Share songs from Spotify to Facebook Story
The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Instagram Filter
Without a Subscription, Here’s How to Play YouTube in the Background on an Android Phone
How to Screenshots in Realme 3 Pro Quickly and Easily
How to Download Movies on Iflix Services So You Can Watch Offline
5 Ways to Overcome “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped” Based on Possible Causes
How to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with ease
How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Quickly and Easily
2 Ways to Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop to Save the Screen Display
How to Activate Split Screen Mode on your ASUS ZenFone HP To Open Multiple Applications
OPPO and the realm in partnership with HeyTap, what is that?
Features Not Present, Here’s an Alternative Way to Change Fonts in Realme Tools
How to Reset your ASUS Phone Safely and Easily
Dark Mode Feature Launched Soon For Instagram Users, Here’s How To Try It!
This is How to Send DM (Direct Message) on Twitter
Easy way to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A30s, for those of you who want to capture the screen
How to See Insight on Instagram Let Your Business Strategy Grow More
What is Smart Sidebar on Mobile Realm and OPPO? How to use it?
2 Ways to Activate the Dark Mode Feature on the Samsung One UI So It Looks More Comfortable at Night
Video Boostr Package – Additional Packages That Can Make You Watch YouTube From AXIS
How to Activate Dark Mode Various Types of Applications on Realme Devices
Tips and Tricks on How to Overcome Nearly Out of Storage Space on Samsung Devices
How to view hidden photos or videos on OPPO mobile
Samsung Exynos 9611 Vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 – Really Comparable?
More Viral, This is How to Play Truth or Dare on Instagram
This is How to Make YouTube Playlists Through Computers and Smartphones
For those of you who don’t get Instagram filters, this is how to play Truth or Dare on WhatsApp
How to make WhatsApp links on Facebook so that businesses have better communication
Here’s How to Activate the Fingerprint Lock on the WhatsApp Application
Here are 4 Easy Ways To Check Remaining Trials Or Active Periods
What is Tokopedia’s Gadget Protection? What are the benefits?
How to Refuse WhatsApp Group Invitations Unknown
2 ways you can do screenshots in HP realm
How to Activate the Split Screen Feature on Samsung Smartphones
How to Private Number on OPPO Cell Phones So That Numbers Are Not Visible When Calling
How to Display an HP Screen to a Laptop that is Easy and Wireless
This is the Way to Activate GrabFood Payment Transactions with OVO for Chasing Discount Promo
How to Open WhatsApp on a Laptop So You Can Chat Faster
How to Change PDF Files into Word for Easy Editing
What is YouTube Premium? What are the benefits?
Two Ways to Subscribe to YouTube Premium for Those of You Who Want to Be Free of Ads
Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 vs Snapdragon 660 – Says the Same, Really?
Instagram Reels – New TikTok-like Instagram Features
Now We Can Pay Gojek Using LinkAja, Here’s How!
How to use NFC on Samsung mobile phones to make digital payments
How to Make a Music Video with Storybeat for Instagram
Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Vs Snapdragon 712 – The Comparison of the Most Used SoC Now!
Scorched? Here Is How To Exchange SmartPoin With Attractive Prizes from Smartfren
How to Activate Dark Mode in MIUI 11 Let You Become More Comfortable When Using Xiaomi Devices
Excellent Package – Internet Package for Learning Languages ​​from Telkomsel
How to Enable Always-On Display in MIUI 11 So You Can Reach Notifications Easier
How to Reduce the Size of Photos on a Windows 10 Laptop
How to Get Rid of the Headset Mode on Xiaomi that Is Active Even though the Headset Is Not Installed
Redmi Airdots Pairing Solution If You Fail To Do It
IndiHome Has a Minipack Add-On Package – What is it?
How to Safely Share Videos from YouTube to Instagram
How to show your 9 best photos # 2019bestnine on Instagram
How to add Swipe Ups links on Instagram Stories
How to Hide and Remove Tagged Instagram Photos From Your Profile
How to Fix: “Unfortunately Gboard has stopped” Error on Android Smartphone
Smartfren 4G Unlimited Lite – Unlimited Package Cheaper Than Smartfren
How to use Catalog feature on WhatsApp Business?
Game Turbo Feature – MIUI 11 turns your phone into an ultimate gaming console
How to Live Stream to YouTube Directly from Your Smartphone
How to Fix: Instagram Location Feature Not Working
How To Enter ASUS Laptop BIOS To Configure Before Booting
How to Download Songs on YouTube Music So You Can Listen Offline
How to Forcefully Restart a Hanged Mobile Phone With Non-Removable Battery
How to Turn off Facebook Free Mode option
How to Clear Cache on Smartphones To Free up Space
How to display the percentage of Samsung battery
How to add road closures to Google Maps during a crisis
How to Register Places on Google Maps So Your Business Is Easy to Find
MediaTek Helio G90T Vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 – Are You Sure Choose a Smartphone With MediaTek?
How to Use Filters With Disney Effects on Instagram Story
How to Create an Amazon Prime Account to Get Interesting Mobile Legends Items
How to Make Slow Motion Video on Vivo Smartphone without Additional Applications
How to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups
How To Make A Collection Of Photos Into A Video With A Smartphone
How to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 Let You Still Get Microsoft Support
How to use Move to iOS to move data from Android to iPhone
How to Get Question Filters for Instagram Stories
How to Download Twitter Videos on Mobile Without Installing Additional Applications
How to use filters with .txt effects on Instagram stories so your content isn’t boring
How to Disable Comments on Facebook Via a Smartphone
Ways to See Instragram Story Friends or Public Accounts Without Being Found
How to Make Whatsapp Text Bold, Italics and Strikethrough
Samsung Exynos 9611 Vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 – Are You Sure Snapdragon Is Better?
How to Make Slow Motion Video Directly in TikTok Without Other Applications
How to Easily Record Your Gaming Session on Android
How to Use Google Maps Even Without an Internet Network Connection
How to find coordinate points on Google Maps to share location more accurately
How to Delete Blocked Numbers on WhatsApp
How to Activate New App Drawer Features in MIUI 11
Easy Way To Check WhatsApp Is Interrupted or Not?
How to Make WhatsApp Stickers With Your Own Photo Creations
How to Activate Dark Mode on Instagram
MIUI 11 Has a Voice Command Feature, How Do You Activate It?
How to Record Screens on Realme Smartphone Without Installing Other Applications
How to Overcome “Not Allowed Links” on Instagram?
Don’t Steal Your Data, This is the Way to Overcome SMS Chat-V Spam
How to Create Questionnaires on Google Form Easily and Free
Frequently Used, What Is FYP in TikTok Services?
5 MIUI 11 Cool Themes For XIaomi Smartphones to appear different
Let It Be Dramatic, Here’s How to Take Slow-Mo Videos on OPPO Cellphones
How to Lock Your Twitter Account to Secure it
How to Download Videos on Instagram with or without Application
Here Is The Way To Know Who Often Interacts With You on WhatsApp!
How to Move Photos from Mobile or PC to Google Drive
How to Send Files Through Google Drive Easily
How to check iPhone IMEI easily and quickly
How to top up your BCA Flazz Card balance from a smartphone
2 Ways To Reset iPhone To Reset To Factory Settings
How to Post Photos on Instagram to Other Social Media
2 Methods for Turning Off the OPPO Cellphone You Can Use
Sony SEL20F18G E-mount Lens For Official Sale, Price IDR 13.9 Million
Note it! This is a Xiaomi Smatphone List that Can Update MIUI 12
Got the Latest Update, Cortana No Longer “Imitate” Google Assistant
Fun! Take 3D Photos on Facebook so Easier
Researchers Create “AI Doctors” for Detection of Heart Problems
Tulwe Creates a New Ecosystem in Music Competition
Gondol 195 Cellphone from the Store, Thieves Leave Chargers and Accessories
Unreadable USB? These 7 Tricks to Fix it
Play Boxing Ala Rocky Balboa, Dare?
Airfrov Wants to Focus on Building User Experience in Indonesia
Here’s How to Delete Google Voice Search History
Oppo Targets 2 Million Sales in 100 Days, What’s the Strategy?
More than 200 e-Commerce certainly take part in Harbolnas 2016
How to Charge Smartphone Batteries Quickly
Battery Problem on the iPhone 6s is Bigger Than Thought?
This is the Right Timing to Activate the HDR Feature When Shooting
Bokeh Photo Tips with Smartphones, Let More Maximum
Tips to Avoid Cyber ​​Attacks “APT” Threatening Indonesia
Tips on ‘Winning Lots’ at Harbolnas
Birthday, Shopee Gives Award to Users
How to Take Screenshot Scrolling on an Android Smartphone
This Futuristic Transportation Made in China Is Now Piling Up Full of Dust
Want to Become a Traveler on Airfrov? Follow these 4 steps
How to Activate Night Mode on Android without Root
How to Protect Folders Use a Password on Android
360 Degree Live Video Will Be The Next Facebook Mainstay Feature
The new ‘Passive Wi-Fi’ System Uses 10,000 Times Less Power
How to tamper with the iPhone Home Screen Without Jailbreak
Here’s How to Create Your Own Screen Lock on Android
How to Save Photos or Videos on Specific Instagram Pages
Following the iPhone 6s Battery Issue, South Korea Can Command Recall
5 This Application Makes the Internet on Android not slow
Here’s How to Stop Evernote Read Your Important Notes
How to Change the Color of LED Notifications on Android
How to Change an Android Smartphone into a Mic on a PC
Smartphone Explodes in the Face of a Famous Singer?
The Easy Way to Download All Data from a Google Account
Tricks to Increase Download Speed ​​on IDM
Super Mario Run Review: One Step Forward
Oops! Hackers Show Simplified Breaking Aircraft Cockpit System
Gold Smartphone with the theme of ‘Forbidden City’ Criticizes China
10 Stage of Testing This is Performed by Huawei on the Device
Here’s How to Play Super Mario Run for Free
This Man Was Imprisoned 4 Years After Making Rp13 Billion From Fake Phone Calls
Smartphone ‘Vanish’ In Silent Position? Here’s How To Find It
‘Steal’ The Mother’s Fingerprint, This Child Opened the iPhone and Shopping on Amazon
In addition to smartphones, LG is also preparing a ‘Magic’ Bluetooth speaker at CES 2017
Angry Birds Blast Officially Launched on iOS & Android
After Pokemon Go, Iran’s Clash of Clans Turn Blocked
Apple Prepare iPhone 5 inches with Vertical Two Lens Camera?
Super Mario Run is no longer the best-selling game on iOS, what’s the reason?
Tricks to Install Mod Games Directly on an Android Smartphone
Coolpad Will Enliven Premium Smartphone Category Next Year
A Meizu’s ‘Big Plan’ Reveal Document in 2017
Snapdragon 835 Promises Longer Battery Life
Galaxy S7 Active with Android 7.0 Nougat Appears on GFXbench
2 Effective Tricks to Restore Deleted Photos and Videos on Android
This January, Samsung ‘Soon’ Reveals the Cause of Burning Galaxy Note 7
Tricks to Increase Gboard Speed ​​on Android
New Biometric Technology Combines Fingerprints and Face Recognition
Practical Ways to Update Software on a Windows PC
How to Watch a Movie from Torrent Without Downlaod
Android Becomes “Monthly” Hacker Attack in 2016
Find and delete duplicate files with this trick
Wow, Samsung Wants to Sell 20 Million Galaxy A and 100 Million Galaxy J
How to Get Interactive Doodle Notifications from Google
Hard to Delete Files That Cannot Be Deleted? This is the Solution!
Easy Ways to Remove Background Image Using Android
Want to Change Notification Bars Like Android Nougat? Here’s How
Watch out! Autofill Data Feature in Browser Can Be Phishing Gap
Great, In the future Smartwatch Will Be able to Diagnose Disease
PhotoGrid 6.0 is Officially Introduced, 3 New Features Become the Mainstay
10 Creativity Make the Most of Mobile Phones with Used Goods [Video]
How to Send GIFs and Search for Emojis with Gboard
How to Restore Deleted Notifications on Android
4 Apps on Smartphones That Must Be Removed Now
3 Cool Selfie Tips When Traveling Solo
How to Display 360 Degree Images in Chrome Tabs
This man lost 7 teeth after an electronic cigarette exploded on his face
Tips for Safe Using Electric Cigarettes
Here’s How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Webcam for PC
The more “naughty”, this is what happens if Super Mario is present in the GTA
Success on PC, CliponYu enters the Mobile Platform via HiClub
Want to Follow the Footprint of “Handsome Bees”? Here’s How
Easy Ways to Control Android Smartphone Via PC
Motiv Ring, Activity Ring and Heart Rate Smart Ring
Delete Google Play Search History This Way
Hackers Attack Sundance Film Festival, Turn Off Ticketing and Box Office Systems
New Android Features Allow Users Online Without Opening a Mobile Phone
Change Wallpaper Automatically with “Wallpaper Changer”
5 Applications to Make Many Photos That Like
How to Download All YouTube Playlist Videos with IDM
Tricks to Edit Photos of Humans Become “Dwarves” with Android
How to Share Location with Friends on Android
Here’s How to Stop a Website from Tracking Your Location in Chrome
Powerful Tricks See WiFi Passwords on Android (Root)
After Six Months, Pokemon Go Finally Comes to South Korea
Vivo is Ready to Fight in the Indonesian Market
How to present Guest Mode a la LG G5 for all Androids
Twitter “Trace” Explore feature from Instagram?
Overcome Autoplay on YouTube this Way!
Watch out! This is the Most Unsafe Android VPN Line
Receive Phones While Writing Notes on a Smartphone? This is the Way!
How to Change Android App Drawer to Be Smarter
Kepo Tricks to Find WiFi “Thieves”
How to find and delete duplicate files on Android
Tricks to Make a Super Strong Anti Hack Password!
Tricks Make User Interface Android Same Galaxy S8
Change How to Mainstream Adjust Volume on Android Use This Way!
Here’s How to Present Unique iPhone Features on Android
These 10 Words Are the Most Frequently Written Professionals on LinkedIn Profiles
9 Guidelines for Protecting Online Privacy
Don’t Be Any Hacker, Become a Certified Hacker
LG Patents Smartphones with Foldable Screens
Here’s How to Easily See Instagram Profile Photos
Tricks to Disconnect Other People who Connect to Our Android
How to Delete YouTube, Google+ and Other Accounts with One Click
Apple, Facebook and Google Join Against Trump Rules
Don’t Know How New Features Work on YouTube? This is the Way!
5 Ways to Ward off Trojans on Android
Smartfren Offers the Motorola Z Series Bundling Program
Windows 10 Start Menu Frequent Error? This is the solution
4 Steps to “Conjure” Ordinary Android into Google Pixels
Exciting! Muter Brain Together “Kaesang Fad Quiz”
Tricks to Change Wallpaper Automatically and Periodically (Android)
Here’s How to Activate New Security Features on WhatsApp
4 Safety Applications on Android Smartphones
3 Tips for Choosing a Data Cable
How to Make Animated GIFs Directly from a Smartphone
Watch out! Never Answer “Yes” for This Phone Call
How to Calibrate the Sensor on an Android Smartphone
No Need for a Dictionary, Smartphone Cameras Can Be Translators
Application Read, Now Can Customize Content
How to Protect Eyes from Smartphone Screens
Turn your Android keyboard into a musical instrument? Here’s How!
How to Trace Telephone Numbers via PC and Smartphone
Here’s How to Turn off Auto-Playing Sound on Facebook Videos
How to “Peek” Boyfriend Location Use iPhone Without Being Found
Huawei P10 Plus will stretch 8GB of RAM?
Tricks Watch YouTube While “Chatting” on Android
Here’s How to Convert Videos Using VLC
Ready To Be Released, This Specifications Asus Zenfone 3 Go
Here’s How to Turn Eevee into Espeon and Umbreon in Pokemon GO
Huawei P10 & P10 Plus will be introduced at MWC
Shodan, Search Engineers for Hackers
How to Present Google Assistant on “Ordinary Android” [No Root]
Design and Price Details of the Moto G5
Change Display “Boring” Facebook this way!
How to get rid of Ads on BBM [No Root]
Android Bloatware Difficult to Remove? Here’s How To Remove It [No Root]
Note it! These 7 Signs Your Smartphone Tapped
Tricks Download Videos from Facebook on Android
Tricks to Unblock Adult Videos on YouTube
5 Ways to Choose the Quality of a Charger Cable
“Message Lab” Offers Convenience for Medical Check Up
Screen Record Tricks on a PC Without Third-Party Applications
Screen Recording Feature Finally Embedded in MIUI
Make Wallpaper on Android So Much More Alive
Fitness application, help find fitness, salon and spa places
How to Receive Calls on Smartphones via Laptop
Note it! This “Abstinence” for the Nintendo Switch
Lazy Typing, Here’s How to Copy Text from Images
Encouraging Local Brand Potential, Blibli.com Holds Blibli Fun Festival
WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Authority Documents Hack All Smartphones
This Is How to Get Rid of “Irritable” Ads on Android
Again! Fake Capacity Powerbank
Tricks Change Font Types on Android Without Root
Danger! Lock screen patterns and PINs on Android are easy to crack
PopLegal, Presents Online Access to Legal Services
Easy Ways to Remove WhatsApp Junk on Android
Want to Have Quick Ball Ala MIUI on Android? Here’s How!
BBM Offers a New Look and Taste
How to Take Screenshot of GIF Animation Easily on PC
Watch out! This Image Can Hack Your WhatsApp or Telegram
Tricks Appear Song Lyrics on the Android Music Player
Use Kaspersky Who Calls, Can Exterminate Phone Spam
Come Judge WhatsApp Friends in This Way!
Find Your Love in the Spice of Love Game
Tricks Get Bokeh-style DSLR effects on an Android Smartphone
Tricks to Tweet More Than 140 Characters Without a Third Application
Tricks to Change the Folder Color in Windows to Become More Colorful
Don’t Want to Get Found Reading Messages on Facebook Messenger? Here’s How!
Using Paprika Application, you can get Reward Points at Favorite Restaurants
Easy Ways to Change Black and White Photos to Color
Kaspersky: It Needs Just Count of Infrastructure Hours to Be Hacked, As long as ..
Here’s How to Monitor Hacker Activity Easily
Run Tricks Android O Launcher ala Google Pixels
Turns out it’s CIA Tools for Hacking Macs and iPhones
Tricks Presenting Samsung Smartphone Feel on Android
How to Activate and Use Bixby on Galaxy S8
4 LG K10 Mainstay Features 2017
This is how to Share Location Using Google Maps
5 Security Systems that Planted by Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus
Here’s How to Install Bixby on Smartphones Besides the Galaxy S8
Key Application Use Face Recognition a la Galaxy S8
Tricks Save YouTube Videos Into GIF Animations
Flying Cars to Overcome Big City Traffic, Fiction or Real?
Win Conventional Taxi Drivers, Italy Prohibits Uber to Operate
Forget CT Scan, This Advanced Tool Can Detect Bleeding in the Brain
MicroSD Card Unreadable or Data Erased? This is the solution
Cellphone Compromised with Malware? Here’s How to Detect and Remove it
‘Lag’ When Playing HD Games? This is the solution
Lost Contacts on Cellphone? This is the way to restore it
Make Google Chrome’s Bookmarks Bar More Interesting
4 Tricks to Make iPhone Storage Space More Relieved
This Is How To Overcome Play Store That Won’t Open
Want the “Record Screen” Feature Like on the Galaxy S8? Here’s How
Boot Windows 10 slow? Here’s How To Overcome It
Magic Streaks Become Good Pictures Using AutoDraw
How to make Android-style Pattern Lock on Windows
Shhh … Here’s How To Activate Secret Mode “Dark Mode” on YouTube
How to “Move” the Android Chrome Address Bar to the Bottom
Number One in America, Live.me Seeks Luck in the Indonesian Market
Expansion to Southeast Asia, Vivo Exports Mobile Phones from Indonesia
Turn a Video into a GIF on WhatsApp
Want to Make Ringtones from Favorite Songs? Here’s How!
Want a Galaxy S8-style Widget? Here’s How
IOS Device Infected with Malware? This is the way to detect and overcome them
Within 2 Weeks N.O.V.A. Legacy! More than 5 million downloads
5 Tips for Recognizing Original or Fake Gadgets
It’s better to break up than losing a smartphone
What are the Advantages of Dual Cameras on Smartphones?
3 Techniques to Make an Internet Connection on a PC More ‘Speeding’
Tips for Accessing Data When the Phone Screen Broken
Here’s How Google Maps Reminds Vehicle Parking Locations
These 5 Signs of a Computer Infected Virus
Tips on Erasing All Data on a Smartphone
How to Overcome Bugs in the iOS 10.2 Control Center
This is how to pull back the wrong email sent in Gmail
Instead of buying CCTV, turn the smartphone into a CCTV
Change Android Lockscreen So Smarter Using Smart Lock
Here’s How to Restore Two “Lost” Features on YouTube
City Mania Now Available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store
Galaxy S8 Tips: How to Turn off LED Notifications
Galaxy S8 Tips: How to Record 4K Videos
How to Love the Reaction Icons When Reply to Comments on Facebook
Gokil, This time DARPA Wants to Hack the Human Brain
Blacklisted in Russia, What’s wrong with WeChat?
Must Know! Inside the Smartphone Battery
This is How to Upload Photos to Instagram on a Computer
Want to browse on Android without internet? Here’s How
Shhh .. Here’s How To “Install” Fuchsia OS on an Android Smartphone
Cheating Couple! This is the way to find out
How to Change “Guide” Waze with Your Own Voice
Tricks Presents “Samsung DeX” on Android Smartphones
Forgot Today Anywhere? Leave it to Google!
Tri 4G users are dominated by young people
Inspired by Indonesian Culture, Line Introduces Sachet Sticker
Here Is The Mastermind Ransomware WannaCry
21 Types of This Smartphone Becomes a “Victim” of Oppo’s Destruction
4G Users Increase, XL Axiata Prepares 4.5G Supporting Ecosystems
Want free internet? Try Using This Browser
Simple Ways to Download and Use Android O.
Get to know the 6 Muslim Guide Features in Advan G1
The More Easy, Register Make a Passport Now You Can Through the Application
This Said Rudiantara Problem Smart City
4 Ways to Make a Legacy Cellphone Feel Like a New Cellphone
Here’s How To Change Galaxy S8 Into Google Pixel
How to show files hidden by viruses on a computer
Watch out !! SMS Fraud 99737
Unique! This Person Turned the Microwave into a Game Console
Wow, Mark Zuckerberg Got Trolls Hacker at Harvard!
Asus ROG Introduces X299-Based Motherboard
Tricks Save YouTube Videos Directly to iPhone Memory
Tricks to Listen to Music on Smartphones with Different Sensations
Wow! This Employee Operator was Found to Take Customer “Esek-Esek” Videos
How to Find Files Downloaded on Android
5 Tips to Prevent Smartphones from Heat Up Fast
5 Tricks That Can Be Done When Cellphones Cannot Charge
Here’s How to Fix a Broken Flashdisk
10 World Leaders with the Most Followers on Twitter
Photo Editor Color Effect Pro, Editing Application to Change Color
BBM Adds WebComics Features
Note it! This is the Google Stop Schedule for Pixel and Nexus Support!
The ‘Secure Folder’ application can now be downloaded on Google Play
Here’s How to Hide Files on a Smartphone Using a Calculator
Accidentally Like the Former Photo on Instagram? Here’s How to Overcome it!
4 Must-Know Gboard Tricks
How to Turn off the Laptop Using a Smartphone
How to See Instagram Posts that Have Been Like?
Tricks to Make the Google Chrome Browser Lighter
Tricks to Make Time-lapse Videos So Cool
10 Tips for Saving Laptop Battery in Windows 10
Tricks to Use Pixel Launcher on Any Android Smartphone
It’s time to open the lock screen with gesture! Here’s How
How to Disable Default Applications on Samsung Phones Without Root
Here’s How to Delete the Same Contact on Android
Battery Life, Clean the “Power Suction” Application on Mobile Phones
Here’s How to See the Type of Processor on an Android Smartphone
How to Make a Video for Facebook Profile Pictures
This is how to display Android notifications on a computer
Tips on How to Mirorring Cellphone Screens Without Additional Applications
How to fix Google Maps Problem
Shhh … Here’s How To Use Hidden Filters on Snapchat